Vital Feed Ruminant is a feed specially formulated for the four stomach
chambered animals such as; the Bos Family (Cattle), Goats, Sheep etc. It comes in
6mm and 9mm pellet forms. Pellet feed reduces wastage, every pellet is a complete
meal as it contains very essential nutrients and each pellet has gone through heat
which reduces the bacterial load on the feed. Vital Feed Ruminant comes in two
variants, The Fattener and the Dairy rations.
The Fattener Ration is mainly for the male cattle which could be fed as a
supplement from the point of weaning till they attain the table size. The Fattener
Ration is very rich in protein and other nutrients that allow for a healthy and rapid
growth of bull to maturity.
The Dairy Ration is specific for the milk producing cows. It is rich in essential
nutrients and ensures high quality milk production from the cows.
With Vital Feed Ruminant, farmers are guaranteed to relax and enjoy proper yield
of milk and beef production all year round as it is readily available, high in energy,
enriched with protein and micronutrients, guaranteed quality for different weather,
affordable and fresh in meeting the needs of ruminants.
Vital Feed Ruminant comes in a 25kg and 50 kg brown polypropylene woven bags.