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To Be The Leading Animal Feed Company In West Africa


To Promote Wellness By Offering Brands Of Excellence Value To Consumers.

Shared Value



The company is focused on the continuous innovation and launch of brands with a mass-market appeal. It also strives to achieve a balance between new product development and the human need for affordable nutritionally optimal products.

GCL has strengthened its distribution network to enhance product penetration, visibility and market share.

There is a deliberate emphasis on internal efficiency in all operations, production, customer service, marketing efforts and information gathering. This naturally translates into better value for the consumer at very competitive prices.

GCL offers a conducive work environment that is characterized by trust, openness and a visionary leadership to all individuals who share the corporate vision/mission.

Since GCL is committed to the production and distribution of quality products, adequate measures have been taken to meet consumers’ expectations. Towards this end, GCL operates a Sale and No Return Policy, which implies that any product shipped in good condition cannot be returned to the company, unless there is a complaint that is traceable to negligence on the part of the company.

Below are some of the measures put in place to guard against the distribution of bad and damaged products:

  • All raw materials, packaging and other ingredients to be used for production must be up to GCL specifications.
  • All production staff have been trained to do it right first time, every time
  • Goods received into the stores must be certified, complete and properly placed as prescribed.
  • Only certified vehicles by the Laboratory can be loaded. Store Officers must also confirm that such vehicles have the capacity or standard to carry GCL products and not damage them in transit.
  • Once a vehicle has been loaded and a transporter accepts by signing the Delivery Note/Invoice from the logistics representative, he automatically becomes liable for any damage that may occur while in transit.
  • At the Customer Depot and MDS outlets, it is expected that any product found leaking, deformed or torn should be rejected immediately and sent back through the transporter. Any product accepted by a customer or MDS automatically becomes his or her liability.
  • Only complaints which are traceable to negligence on the part of the company can be entertained.

SHE Policy

At GCL a great deal of attention is paid to the health, safety and welfare of employees and the work environment. The company policy on environmental safety and health of employees is accorded paramount importance. The policy manual essentially addresses these twin issues:

Prevention of occupational hazards/injuries, and safe-guarding the health, safety and welfare of employees and property, those of its contractors and any member of the public that may be affected either directly or indirectly.
Minimizing the impact of these hazards/injuries on the environment in which GCL operates, in such a manner as to provide and maintain a healthy and safe atmosphere for all operators therein.
In the conscious implementation of the policy, GCL will always comply with relevant statutory legislations, and to act positively to promote safety consciousness at all levels. Because GCL considers the promotion of the safety and health of its employees a top priority, this onerous duty and responsibility is vested on line Managers and sectional Heads or Supervisors, for which they are accountable.

In this regard, all Managers/Sectional Heads/Supervisors are required to, as a matter of priority, take safety into account in the design, construction, operation and maintenance of facilities, as well as in formulating or changing systems and procedures. The company encourages all employees to participate in, and contribute to the establishment and observance of a safe working environment.

By the GCL SHE policy, the company will maintain an appropriate framework for safety promotion, periodic reviews, monitoring of safety standard performances and regular dissemination of safety information. The Safety Committees in GCL provide the forum for consultation and promotion of safety activities.

In pursuance of the GCL SHE policy, the company sustains programmes of safety training and promotion. Staff at all levels of work are therefore trained to recognize the following:

The implication, for their own health and those of others;
The potential safety hazards; and
The impact, which their activities may have on the community and the environment.

On this score, Heads of departments and Supervisors are responsible for the appropriate training of all employees within their authority on safety and health related issues.