Nourishing Cereal Meal

Richfil Nourishing Cereal Meal is a blend of Maize and Wheat, it is enriched with essential Vitamins and Minerals and is easy to prepare. Unlike other competing brands, Richfil can be taken as a morsel food with any soup of your choice or as a gruel (pudding); thereby positioning it in a class of its own. It is available in 2kg packs and 10kg Bags.

Both adults and children can eat Richfil.

1. Combines the nutritional benefits of both maize and wheat.
2. Hygienically processed
3. High in energy and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals
4. Easy to cook and has a delightful taste
5. Provides a balanced diet
6. Comes in handy 2kg sachets and 10kg bags

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