Grandvita Protein Cereal Meal

This comes in handy as a breakfast Cereal Meal for the whole family. It is a blend of Maize, Wheat and Soya flour that is enriched with Vitamins and Minerals. Grandvita is highly nourishing, very Rich in Protein and is consumed as gruel (pudding); it comes in 2kg packs.

Grandvita is good for the entire family. In addition, Grandvita is very appropriate for malnourished children and has the capacity to enable them bounce back to life within a given period of consumption.

1. Combines the nutritional benefit of both maize, wheat and soya flour
2. Hygienically processed
3. Enriched and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals
4. Highly proteinous and satisfying
5. Provides a balanced diet
6. Comes in handy 2kg sachets

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