Grand Cornflakes

Cereals are considered the best choice for breakfast because of their numerous health benefits which include; reduces the risk of obesity and high blood pressure, supplies the body with energy needed for work, reduces the risk of colon cancer, aids digestion, and offers a supply of vitamins and dietary minerals, among others.

Grand Cornflakes is a greatly nutritious breakfast cereal that is rich in vitamins and minerals essential for the accomplishment of your daily tasks. It is produced with high quality maize grits/flour in a hygienic environment. It possesses the following attributes; delicious taste, nourishing, healthy meal, very crisp and crunchy and is highly affordable…

Grand Cornflakes is healthy, crisp and crunchy and is produced using Best Manufacturing Practice (BMP). The product is produced using extrusion technology (as against traditional cooking method) which ensures that nutrients are fully preserved and product uniformity is assured.

It is hygienically processed and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals that supplies you with energy and protein essential for healthy growth. It has no cholesterol and is a good source of folate which aids the formation of new cells.

Grand Cornflakes is packaged in attractive laminated packs which comes in 50g and 200g sizes. It is also available in 350g carton pack that comes with an inner Polyethylene bag.

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