Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms
Knowing how your breasts normally look and feel is an important part of breast health. Finding breast cancer as early as possible gives you a better chance of successful treatment. Sometimes a breast cancer can spread to lymph nodes under the arm or around the collar bone and cause a lump or swelling there, even before the original tumor in the breast is large enough to be felt. But knowing what to look for does not take the place of having regular mammograms (screening tool to detect early breast cancer in women experiencing no symptoms)  and other screening tests. Screening tests can help find breast cancer in its early stages, before any symptoms appear.

symptoms of breast cancer include:
Skin changes, such as swelling, redness, or other visible differences in one or both breasts
An increase in size or change in shape of the breast(s)
Changes in the appearance of one or both nipples
Nipple discharge other than breast milk
General pain in/on any part of the breast
Lumps or nodes felt on or inside of the breast

is breast cancer only for ladies?
Breast cancer in men is rare, but it does happen. Less than 1% of all breast cancers occur in men. For men, the lifetime risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer is about 1 in 1,000.

When to see a doctor
Don’t panic or be fearful when you notice breast changes. However, be proactive about your health and visit a doctor to determine the cause of any breast symptoms. Each of the six changes listed above can warrant a visit to the doctor, especially if these changes do not seem to relate to one of the following:
the menstrual cycle.
previous illness, such as a breast infection.

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