These Qualities of Grand Pure Soya Oil Makes Frying Interesting

A variety of vegetable oils form a major part of the meals we eat on a daily basis. As such, lots of people are becoming more aware, and are getting apprehensive of the risks associated with eating foods prepared with oils with high levels of cholesterol. This is why nutrition experts recommend the use of cholesterol-free and heart-friendly oils like Grand Pure Soya Oil for all cooking. In addition to being highly nutritious, Grand Pure Soya Oil possesses unique qualities, which make frying very interesting. These qualities include the following:

It does not foam

Frying would be much more interesting without having to put up with foams that build up from the oil during the process. Using foaming oils entail constantly keeping an eye on the frying in order to prevent the foams from spilling over the top of the pan.  This can be avoided easily by choosing non-foaming cooking oil for your fries. Grand Pure Soya Oil plays this role excellently well.

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It does not produce fumes – smoke point

Fume emission during frying is a pointer to the fact that you could be using the wrong oil. These fumes may have strong smell that could be harmful when inhaled.  Usually, most other oils reach a smoking point or temperature where it begins to produce a continuous visible and bluish smoke.

The smoke is as a result of the free fatty acid (FFA) contained in the oils. The higher the FFA, the quicker the oil gets to its breaking point and begins to smoke, which is what you’d experience when frying with most other oils.

Grand Pure Soya Oil is oil extracted from the pulse seed, soya beans, hence the name soya oil. According to Nutrition and, fresh soya oil contains less than 0.1% free fatty acid, implying a very high smoke point and therefore no smoke or fumes at all. This quality of Grand Pure Soya Oil indeed makes frying interesting.

It is reusable

The good thing about Grand Pure Soya Oil is that it has a very high smoke point, which makes it very difficult to exceed that point when frying. As such, it can be reused over and over again, and still maintain its quality.  However, when it is subjected to extreme hot temperature, that braking point could be achieved. Otherwise, Grand Pure Soya Oil can be reused any time, any day.

Frying with GPSO

It doesn’t evaporate.

Different oils possess varied volatility. The more volatile your oil is, the more prone to evaporations it becomes. Grand Pure Soya Oil is less volatile and much more stable to the point that it doesn’t evaporate easily. So, frying can be done over a long period of time without having to lose some of it to the heat being applied while at it.

It is triple filtered

You can easily find a lot of particles and impurities in unrefined oils. Particles and impurities lower the smoke point of oils and what you’ll observe when frying is that these oils begin to fume and smoke within the shortest possible time, with just a little amount of heat used. You can’t experience this with Grand Pure Soya Oil.


It gives your meals a great taste

Finally, after all said and done, the taste of the pudding lies in the eating. No matter the meal, and no matter the recipe, meals cooked with Grand Pure Soya Oil turn out with such a great taste that will leave you asking for more.

Grand Pure Soya Oil is heart friendly, with unique qualities that make every frying an interesting one.

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